The Scarlet Procession

by Crafter Of Gods

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released October 5, 2015

Female vocals performed by Francesca Eliana Rigato. We would like to thank her from the deep of our hearts for the precious contribution to the realization of this opus and for all the years spent working together.

All instruments and vocals recorded by Nicola Trentin, except from drums, recorded by Francesco Soccal. Edited and mixed by Nicola Trentin. Mastered by Alberto Melinato (
Graphic design by Laura Gamba (
Band picture by Chiara Rizzi

All songs by Giovanni Perin, except A Mirage Of Hanging Moons by Nicola Trentin
All lyrics by Giovanni Perin
All arrangements by Crafter of Gods
Additional keys and arrangements by Paolo Montesel



all rights reserved


Crafter Of Gods Treviso, Italy

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Track Name: The Tempest Legacy
Clouds blending above the arches of amethyst sky
Iridescent water mirroring a myriad liquid dyes

When the eventide heavens growl with seething fury
The cemetery unleashes the gale, shade reflections
A friar stares the curtains of this leaden pane
Shattered into vitreous shards of unbridled fire
Ravenous haze swallowing the funereal island
Resonance through the ethereal air, reverbering dirge
The countess lure summoning the great deceiver
With oniric vespertines sings from the silky tides

He collected dreams stolen to the bringer of light
Adamantine whirls of drops from the uranian stage
Shapes and colours unveiled to the eyes of a prophet
As to harness the streams of nightside delight

A lustful longing shook the pillars of novembrine boards
Across jaded mirrors of the starless horizon
Howling lightnings gather beneath the empyrean vault
Sculpting spellbound ouvertures to glide into sea
Cosmographer! Witness of sinking illusions
Challenge the snarling shores
Glance the tempest legacy
Rimmed with thunders

Teatro etereo
Portami via con te
Tra le barche fluttuanti
Perdersi tra i sogni
Venezia mesta amante
Galleggia sui miraggi
Tra le tue torbide acque
Sciogli i nostri ormeggi

Autumns fade away with their harlequin dress
But the old man still hover among the banks
Track Name: In the Midst of Oceans' Infinity
Abyss gaze back to the stars spawn
Its dreams, the fallen realms, unleashing human fears
Loathsome shapes of the Great Old Ones resting undead
For aeons lurking into the amniotic shell of R'lyeh

A mournful dirge gushing from nowhere
The astral progeny's seeping out from venomous haze
Hidden underwater into a foul dismal vault
The sleepless ones await the stars to be right

Cast down the mankind slave
Feed off their dread
Raise monoliths to the gods
The cult comes back from the dead

Revealed are abominations
Resurged to claim the throne
Seize the crown they're entitled to
Awaking the horror that dwells within

Stenching tentacles swirl above the chasm
Orchestrating a concerto of screeching madness

Horns clang, a psalm to wreck the flesh
Creeping out from frothy black water
Like flies feasting on buried hopes
Minds infected with the plague of insanity

Whisperer disguised in darkness

In the midst of oceans' infinity
Disemboweled visions from shattered psyches
A moon scythe harvesting crops of reasons
Nighmares made flesh crawling out of waves

“That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die”

Behold the monarch's silhouette defined against the mortal sun
Ignorance be blessed, drawn awareness into oblivion
Track Name: A Mirage of Hanging Moons
Counting the neverending creeping of hours
A frantic wriggling in death's throes
Dead branches swinging like a mortal pendulum
In a mirage of hanging moons

So many idle days passed by in slothful lingering
Clustering plagues devoured by insanity vermin
A seed hidden in mind's depth unable to sprout right
Abominations lurking in shadows, like evanescent reflections

Eternity elopes cloaked like unending seconds
The other facet of an existence swamped by slackness
Grains of sand crumbling in waterfalls of grey
All the septic wounds cleansed by the sycophant infection

Chase the fleeing butterfly
A frail remembrance of equilibrium

Hundreds of nights into the clasp of the twin
Awaking the unsleeping side of a jaded mind

Underneath sleepwalking portraits
An ill-concealed simulacrum lies
The dopplegaenger hatching like a puppeteer
Sharp strings pulled by invisible hands

Wallowing in past days nostalgia
Seducted by her haunting lullabies

Unleash the fury, as a scream breaching out from the chest
May deliverance crush the sunken ribs and twist the spine

Witness the scarlet procession gathering in a glutinous flood
And washing the sorrow away, back into a prison of stuffed bones
Track Name: In Silence of Death We March
Tentacles of galaxies tangle me with myriads of visions I'm forced to see
Turning sanity into pieces of mind, breaking the chains of my mediocrity
Demand the masks to fall and reveal the truth, hypocrisy veil torn off from me
Spirals of collapsing stars coiling up like gnarled arms of a twisted tree

Taste bitter tang of defeat
Shaking slaughtered pride
Rise up from stones of chaos
To declare war to the world

Fly beyond the clouds, gates of glory are open wide
A journey across infinity, straight to the realm of light
Face the unknown and celebrate the victory
In silence of death we march until the end

The name of mine shall be spread all over endless empty spaces of the world
As a plague shattering all glass walls, breeding all legends spawn
Watch men crawling and screaming in sufferance while awaiting the golden dawn
Take a sit to the symposium to witness the human fall once more,

From here to eternity
The oath of sovereignty

Collect the strength and blow dust away
Ready to write the last page of history
Our memory is carved into souls
Lasting along the centuries

Track Name: Celestial Breed, Treacherous Blood
The sinister clamour of a heavy whiplash
And a impious laugh by the king of kings
Gathering the oceanic army to come overseas

Every drum roll, a stroke to the head
Slowly beating the time
Of the approaching kiss of death

Taste for the last time the sweet flavour of freedom
As enemies pounce like pouring rain
A glance to the ocean and the beloved landscape
Sense the fearless menace coming from afar

Immortal shades fallen in decay dancing in steam draperies
Roll out the scarlet carpet from the wrists torn in shreds
Eyes greedy to swallow the shining of golden falls
Ambitions turned into ashes and scattered into the storm

Celestial breed
A chant of revenge from the poisoned sea
Treacherous blood
Their rusty armors stained with shame and despair

Sunrise light the way on the battlefield covered by snow
To glorify the eternal march towards dead end road
Push the enemy to the slaughter until their last breath
Beyond madness there's no savior, only glorious death

Darkness crept into the sky, riding Hecate's chariot
Wrapping the plain in silence, burst by thunder's growl

Evenfall overshadowing the battlefield soaked by blood
to obscure the ravaged graves of despised coward sons
the overhuman fury shattered upon scorn-forged shields
beyond madness they found no savior, only vile death